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SiriDhanya -- What Why & Benefits

Siridhanya is a term to refer Foxtail, Barnyard, Proso,Kodo, Brown top and Little millet which were commonly consumed In India. These have now been replaced predominantly by grains such as rice and wheat.

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Corn Daliya - Rava Idly Recipe

Corn Daliya - Rava Idly Recipe - A healthy and nutritious breakfast option. Rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, non-acidic and 100% gluten free.

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Corn Rava/Daliya Upma Recipe

Corn Daliya/Rava  is broken Corn Kernels. Corn Dalia has low cholesterol and sodium levels. It has a better dietary fibre when compared to rice. It is 100% Gluten free and rich in essential vitamins and minerals. It is good for Diabetes,Reduction of Cholestrol,Obesity, Constipation & is a non Acidic Food.

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Foxtail Millet Kichadi Recipe

Here is an easy to prepare and tasty recipe of Foxtail Millet Khichadi made from "forgotten foods" Foxtail Millet.  It is a Low GI, High Fibre and Gluten free healthy food.

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Foxtail Millet Soup

Foxtail millet soup is easy to prepare, delicious and you will really savour it during a chill weather. Of course it comes along with a list of health benefits including weight loss & diabetes control since it’s made of Foxtail millet.

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Health Benefits of Foxtail Millets

 Foxtail Millets is in news and has made a big comeback. Its importance as a diabetic-friendly, highly nutritious and non-glutinous food has had a large number of people opting millets over rice. 

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Kodo Millet Pulav

Kodo Millet/Aarka/Varagu/Arikelu is a complete food and. It has high protein content (11%), low fat (4.2%) and very high fibre content (14.3%). Kodo millet is very easy to digest and an excellent healthy alternative to rice.

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Positive Grains (forgotten foods) for a Negative Age -- Dr Khader

“Start eating positive grains -- forgotten foods (Siridhanya) which we used to eat 60 years ago. These include Foxtail (Navane), Barnyard (Oodalu), Kodo (Arka), Little (Saame), Brown top (Korle), fruits and vegetables, palm jaggery (Kappu bella/saate) and use groundnut oil to stay healthy

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Sajje Rotti

Pearl Millet or Bajra/Kambu or Sajje as we call in Kannada is a very healthy grain.

Sajje Rotti is a famous dish in North Karnataka.

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Millet Bisibelebath

Proso millet is known as the “Golden Millet” due to its texture and we feel it to be a perfect to try out Bisi Bele Bath.
The below recipe can be tried with Kodo,Foxtail or Littele Millet also.

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