Ancient Foods For Modern Well-Being is a young start-up founded to revive and promote ancient Indian lifestyle and blend it to suit the modern day requirements. During the recent times we have lost touch and forgotten our grandma's kitchen recipes, ancient super grains, Ethnic Indian cuisines from different regions and natural cures for common ailments. Our effort is to revive these ancient wonder grains & Indian recipes and make them compatible with modern lifestyle.
As a first step we launched a range of health food products which we call “forgotten foods”

Healthy Eating. Happy Living

We put nutrition at the heart of your food system. Most of our products are low Glycaemic Index (GI) foods that help sustain your energy & blood sugar levels. Key nutrients present in our food can influence the feel-good factor and boost your body's immunity levels to fight diseases.
We offer you the best choice of foods that are well suited for a happy and healthy modern life.