Millet Bisibelebath Instant Premix

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Bisibelebath is a traditional recipe from Mysore. It translates to hot lentil rice in Kannada. Bisibelebath is made using Kodo millets instead of rice. It is believed that long before the advent of green revolution, millets were used in most dishes where rice is used at present. You will get an authentic taste of South Indian style Bisibelebath in our product. All ingredients like Dals, Turmeric, Cinnamon, vegetables, ghee and other spices have been premixed. Just add water and heat for 7-8 minutes to savour the dish. Apart from the absolutely delicious taste they come with a range of health benefits of Kodo millet including high protein content, rich source of minerals, high fiber content which helps in easy digestion, reduces cholesterol and prevents cardio vascular diseases.

Weight : 200 gm