Forgotten Foods Millet Sweet Pongal Instant Mix 200 gms X 2

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Millet Sweet Pongal is a traditional recipe of South India especially prepared during "Pongal/Sankaranthi festival" .This is one of the Very important festivals celebrated across South India. This Harvest festival is celebrated as Thanks Giving to Sun . Traditionally Sweet Pongal is made with different Millets/Rice with Yellow Lentils, Jaggery with loads of dry fruits and Ghee. Forgotten Foods Sweet Pongal is a traditional and a special recipe with Foxtail Millet, Yellow Lentils and Jaggery. It has a rich mix of Dry fruits and special spices. Forgotten Foods Sweet Pongal is very easy to prepare and requires only water and 5-6 mins. It cooks in 3 easy steps. It is a proten rich snack. Enjoy this ethnic dish and relish the traditional taste.

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