Forgotten Foods MultiGrain Health Mix | Satthu Maavu

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Forgotten foods Health Mix is a traditional wholesome meal with the mix of 15+ vital Grains,Lentls,Nuts and Herbs which is a nutritious breakfast for entire Family. It provides the energy for healthy start of the day.This porridge contains a high amount of complex carbs, unlike simple carbs which get digested slowly and gives you sustained energy which lasts through the day and keeps you fit.Forgotten Foods Health Mix is highly rich in Fibre. Fibrous substance helps to fill you up, which prevents you from overeating. It can help to maintain or even lose weight. Fibre also helps to maintain blood-sugar levels and reduces the risk for high cholesterol. It is wholesome, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and contains essential micronutrients vital for the health of your family.It is rich in Antioxidants, which helps destroy free radicals and reduce the risk for chronic disease and act as a Immunity Booster. Being 100% Sugar free & cholesterol free porridge makes it a perfect dish for people with

Weight : 400 gm