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Foxtail millet - 900g
Foxtail millet - 900g

Foxtail millet - 900g

Rs. 140.00
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Foxtail Millet is one of those forgotten grains that were a part of ancient Indian culture. Foxtail Millets are widely cultivated in China, India And Africa. Western world and developed nations are accepting it as food for humans as a nutritious substitute for healthier diets. 

Known as Korra in Telugu, Navane in Kannada, Kangni in Hindi, Thinai in Tamil.

Health Benefits:

-Foxtail millet has the highest content of Zinc 4.1 mg/100 g which is the highest zinc content found in any grain. Zinc helps to block viral replication in cells and hence the best immunity booster.
-Foxtail millet helps control blood sugar levels.
-It's 100% Gluten Free - Good for gluten intolerant people.
-It has high dry insoluble fiber which keeps your digestive tract clean.
-It helps in reducing heart attack risk and lowers cholesterol levels.
-Foxtail millet high in Anti-Oxidants.
-It helps in weight loss, obesity & reduces gastric problems.
-It's rich In Calcium, B Vitamins, Niacin, B6, Folic Acid and Minerals.

How to cook?

Soak for half hour in water. Cook like rice in cooker. Rice can be replaced with millets in your staple diet, any rice dish can be made using millets.

Foxtail millet - 900g

Foxtail millet - 900g

Rs. 140.00