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We are a young startup conceptualised with a vision to revive and promote our traditional and ancient lifestyle and blend it to suit the modern day requirements.

A brand called "Forgotten Foods" - Ancient foods for modern well-being, was launched in Jan 2017 offering ancient health based products including millet grains, flours and ready to cook foods that are authentic, traditional and simply delicious. 

  • We believe in the local food movement and support agroecological and chemical free approach to agriculture. The native indigenous crops that nature has provided us through millions of years of evolution is far more superior in terms of nutrition, resistance to pests and tolerance to climatic changes when compared to the lab made Genetically Engineered (GE) or GMOs which also come along with a bundle of side effects.
  • We believe in empowering the small scale farmers by encouraging them to grow  native local varieties of crops rather than industrially grown crops in a mass scale  and becoming overly dependent on big companies for seeds, chemicals and food supply. The old ways of small scale, high diversity, natural and organic farming is the way forward.


The founders:

Raja Varun and Srikanth Katte are founders of Startdesi.

  • Raja Varun is an Entrepreneur, founder of STOA Constructions and Prakruti Farms. Prakruti Farms is a family operated organic and natural farm at the outskirts of Bangalore following Natural, Permaculture and Palekar methods of farming. It was founded on the principle to create a sustainable and holistic lifestyle and bring about an awareness of co-existence with nature amongst people. Prakruti offers farmstay vacations too for people who want to learn more about natural farming.
    He is a Civil engineering graduate and hails from a traditional business and artistic family. Apart from being a businessman he is a passionate snake rescuer, nature lover, bird watcher, musician and a farmer. He holds a senior certificate in playing the Tabla instrument.
  • Srikanth Katte has 16 Years of experience as a Software Engineer working with different  MNCs. Along with 5 years of rich experience in healthcare & insurance domain with main focus on Preventive Healthcare. He worked in the UK, Turkey and USA before returning to India for good.
    He has 5 Years of experience working on Health foods with main focus on lifestyle disorders. He is also the founder of Prescribe Next Technologies and an app called CureUp which focuses on digital healthcare systems.
    Srikanth is a passionate cow lover and runs a Goushala called Gausiri, where native breed of Gir cows are raised in a holistic and traditional Vedic environment.