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Khus Khus Kheer - Gasagase Payasam - Poppy Seeds Payasam - 125g Serves 3

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Known by various names across different states of India, Khus Khus or Gasagase(Kannada) or  Gasagasala(Telugu) or Kasakasa (Tamil) Payasam. Poppy seeds are a well-known ingredient that finds a place in numerous Indian cuisines. 

Khus Khus Kheer is prepared by hand picking the right flavours. The zest of Indian spices that is loved all over the world is presented with utmost care and love. Get the taste and aroma of home cooked food.

Khus Khus Kheer is a specialty sweet dish served during Raksha Bandhan, Wedding ceremonies and Dusshera time. It is also known Vrat Ka Kheer.

Instant - Just mix in water and boil for 5 minutes and your Kheer is ready!!

Poppy seeds are known for their health benefits including:

1) Fights Insomnia - induces sleep. Known to create a calming effect, the seeds help in bringing down the stress levels.

2) Improves Fertility - Poppy seeds play a pivotal role in boosting female fertility. They are known to remove mucus from the fallopian tubes and aid in achieving pregnancy.

3) Bone Strength - Being rich in copper and calcium, Poppy seeds help in improving bone health. The manganese in the seeds helps in the production of the protein collagen that protects the bones from severe damage.

4) Improves Digestion - Poppy seeds are a rich source of insoluble fiber and help in strengthening the digestive system and treating constipation effectively.

5) Regulation of Blood Sugar - Oleic acid, an essential component in Poppy seeds, is known to reduce blood sugar levels.

6) Mouth Ulcers - Since they have a cooling effect on the body, poppy seeds are known to be a great treatment for mouth ulcers.

7) Great for the eyes - The zinc and antioxidant content in Poppy seeds helps to improve vision and protects against eye diseases.

8) Treatment of Kidney Stones - The potassium content in Poppy seeds helps in treating kidney stones and also prevents their re-occurrence.

9) Good for Thyroid - Zinc is a pivotal element for thyroid glands, and thanks to their rich zinc content, Poppy seeds play a crucial role in proper thyroid functioning

Enjoy Desi Poppy seeds Payasam and experience a good night sleep along with immense health benefits!

Khus Khus Kheer - Gasagase Payasam - Poppy Seeds Payasam - 125g Serves 3

Khus Khus Kheer - Gasagase Payasam - Poppy Seeds Payasam - 125g Serves 3

Rs. 125.00